irishadam animation


Irishdam aka Adam H Stewart has been involved in the visual Arts for over 25 years. He got his start in the entertainment industry as a special assistant to Oscar Nominated constume designer Charles Knode on Braveheart, and as principal costumer for Dennis Hopper and Stephen Dorf in Space Truckers.

Irishadam has worked as a 3D Production Designer on multiple projects for 1K Studios and Portus Imaging and Art Directed visual effects for Troxtel Design on Ocean's Eleven starring George Clooney.

Irishadam holds an MFA from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles where he studied under the Oscar Nominated Production Designer Robert F. Boyle and Oscar winner and former Head of the Academy of Motion, Arts and Sciences Frank R. Pierson. Irishadam holds a Bacherlor's Degree in Design from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland