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I’m a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur. The tools with which I am good are Google Analytics, Search Console, Semrush, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, WordPress and more.

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Freelance Digital Marketer In Thrissur

About Me

I’m IRISH, a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur with 3+ years of experience in SEO, WordPress website development, and social media marketing.

I can advance your business through digital marketing. I completed my digital marketing course at Dotin Digital Academy, Thrissur. I can help you reach a wider audience with services like SEO, Google Ads, Social media marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, WordPress, Google Analytics, and more. As a freelance digital marketer, I will be able to help my customers meet their needs by providing high quality service.

I’ve always been fascinated about the Digital Marketing world and tried to look for hidden features to boost your website and rank pages. Feel free to contact me here or write an email to me.

My Skills

I’ve spent years honing my talents as a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur, and I’m passionate about staying ahead in the always-changing digital environment. My skill set includes

Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads
Social Media Marketing

Working Process

One step above all is crucial in the ever-changing world of freelance digital marketing. As a self-employed freelance digital marketer in Thrissur, I take satisfaction in consistently improving my tactics, adjusting to emerging trends, and providing clients with outstanding outcomes. Here’s a look at my current initiatives and the progress I’m making to achieve success


Google Ads

Creating Google Ads campaigns that target pertinent areas and keywords. Ad extensions were put in place and making use of Google Analytics data to assess the effect on website traffic and conversions


Social Media Strategy

Carried out a comprehensive social media audit. A content calendar was put in place to keep a regular publication schedule. Started a focused advertising strategy to reach a larger audience.


SEO Optimization

Carried out a thorough SEO audit to find on-page and technical issues. Used keyword analysis to find highly promising keywords. Increased search visibility through content, meta tags, and image optimization. ongoing tracking of success using keyword rankings and organic traffic

Recent Projects

These are the projects that i have worked for as a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur

Digital marketing done by independent contractors has several benefits for companies of all sizes. Companies can access specialized expertise without making the commitment of recruiting full-time workers by working with freelancers. This strategy not only reduces expenses but also offers new insights and specialized approaches to improve online exposure, interact with target markets, and promote corporate success. Freelancers are able to respond rapidly to market changes, offer adaptable solutions, and provide a variety of digital marketing services, including content development, social media management, SEO, and analytics. In the end, freelancing digital marketing equips companies to remain competitive and adaptable in the always changing digital marketplace

There are a number of compelling advantages to hiring a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur. First off, it saves money for firms of all sizes since it gives access to specialized knowledge without requiring full-time employment. Freelancers frequently have a wide range of industry knowledge and keep up with the most recent developments in digital marketing, resulting in effective tactics. Working with a local freelancer in Thrissur also promotes a deeper comprehension of the local market and target audience, allowing for customized and culturally appropriate marketing strategies. 

The price of freelance digital marketing services can differ significantly depending on the project’s size, the freelancer’s level of experience, the difficulty of the duties, and the freelancer’s location. Freelancers often bill clients on a project-by-project basis or by the hour. Depending on experience and area, hourly charges might range from $25 to $150 or more. Depending on the precise services provided, project-based pricing may differ dramatically. In order to match expectations and budget appropriately, it is crucial to discuss price with the freelancer up front and make sure that all sides have a clear grasp of the cost structure.

Depending on a number of factors, such as the strategy adopted, the level of industry competition, and campaign execution, the time it takes to see benefits from digital marketing activities varies substantially. While certain tactics, such as pay-per-click advertising, may show results in as short as a few days or weeks, others, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, may not show results for many months.

To improve a company’s online presence and meet its marketing goals, digital marketing organizations provide a wide range of services. Search engine optimization (SEO) to increase website visibility on search engines, social media management to interact with the target audience across platforms, pay-per-click advertising to drive targeted traffic, email marketing campaigns, content creation and distribution, web design and development, as well as data analytics and reporting to track campaign performance, are examples of these services. Agencies may offer a range of specialized services, but they all aim to develop custom digital strategies that fit a client’s needs and objectives and ultimately lead to online success.

It’s essential to keep up with the constantly changing world of digital marketing. I make time for ongoing study and learning to make sure I’m abreast of market trends and changes. I routinely participate in online groups and forums where experts share knowledge and updates, subscribe to trustworthy industry magazines, and go to digital marketing conferences and webinars. Additionally, I follow well-known thought leaders and professionals on social media, which enables me to quickly change strategies and tactics to assist my customers remain competitive in the ever-changing digital space

Benefits of Hiring A Freelance Digital Marketer In Thrissur?

Working with a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur. Thrissur can offer a lot of benefits for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and successfully reach their target audience. They typically bring a plethora of expertise and information to the table, to start.

Freelancers frequently charge less than digital marketing companies, making them an affordable choice for small and medium-sized organizations. Particularly when they have constrained marketing budgets, organizations are able to use resources more wisely thanks to their affordability.

Furthermore, a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur is well known for their flexibility and quickness. To stay up with shifting trends and quickly adapt to market developments, they can alter their strategy as needed. Adaptability is crucial in the rapidly evolving digital environment where it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of the competition

Freelance Digital Marketer In Thrissur Digital Marketing

Future Trends and Opportunities in the Increasing Trend of Freelance Digital Marketers in Kerala?

Marketing trends with freelance digital marketer in Thrissur

Due to a number of anticipated future trends and a wealth of opportunities, Kerala’s growing freelance digital marketing in Thrissur trend is anticipated to undergo considerable growth and transformation in the upcoming years. First off, as companies realize how important it is to adapt to Kerala’s distinct market and culture, demand for specialized digital marketing expertise is predicted to soar. This offers a good opportunity for independent contractors who are well-versed in the regional environment.

Second, the environment of freelance digital marketing will probably change as digital platforms and technologies advance. It is projected that the rise of voice search, AI-driven marketing tools, and augmented reality (AR) marketing will open up new opportunities for independent contractors to provide specialized services. Freelance digital marketer in Thrissur keep up with these trends can provide independent contractors with a competitive advantage.

What I Bring To Your Table

As a freelance digital marketer in Thrissur, I want to state up front that I am very aware of how swiftly the digital landscape is evolving. Because I have a solid understanding of a variety of digital marketing platforms, including SEO, social media, content marketing, and PPC advertising, I can create niche programs that appeal to target demographics. To ensure that my clients stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the best chances the digital world has to offer, I keep a careful eye on new trends and technologies.

Marketing concept with freelance digital marketer in Thrissur

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